Why STP: Samantha Weinstein

STP 2-43

The sisters of Sigma Theta Psi were the first ones to truly welcome me to USD’s campus. After transferring, I desperately wanted to find a place to call home on campus, and that is what I found in this organization. These women introduced me to people, showed me around campus, and made sure I never felt alone again. After that experience, how could I not join Sigma Theta Psi? Since becoming a sister, I have felt nothing but love and admiration for the Ladies of Psi. We all help each other grown as individuals, and as sisters, and I cherish every moment with these strong, open-minded women. I wouldn’t trade my sisterhood for anything, and am eternally grateful for every moment with these lovely ladies.

Why STP: Debby Romero

STP 2-36

Growing up, I was lucky because being surrounded by my two parents and three sisters, I felt like love was something that I had in abundance. When I came to USD, I felt accepted however, I also felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until I heard about STP during spring recruitment last year that I was actually excited to attend an event hosted by a school organization– what made it even better was that it was a multicultural organization! The first event was amazing, and not only because there was boba involved but because with every sister from STP that talked to, I felt warmth, and a genuine feeling of interest. They made me feel like I was the only person in the room that mattered, and by hearing their own personal stories, I felt connected somehow. In other words, I felt loved. I joined Sigma Theta Psi because I knew these ladies would empower me to be a better me through their character pillars and their immense support and indescribable sisterhood. Sigma Theta Psi was the first time I found love on campus, and with each day that passes, I know that this love too is in abundance.

Why STP: Meimei Nakahara

STP 2-27

I joined Sigma Theta Psi for the sisterhood, diversity, and six pillars. The women I met at one of their recruitment events were very down to earth, genuine, and interested in getting to know me. The community service, philanthropy, and academic excellence aspects of the sorority held a special place in my heart, that I wished to continue in college. Joining Sigma Theta Psi was one of my best decisions in college, as I learned and grew so much as a person, and met so many great women and mentors.